How to recognize a true comparison of credit for consumption?

Comparators are approached all the sauces, either to save money or just get a first quality control. It is sometimes difficult to recognize a good comparator of another little honest, because of the financial interests that go into the balance. We will see that it is thankfully easy to recognize a true comparator, ie honest and reliable in the credit industry for consumption.

Compare consumer credit: what to look for

Compare consumer credit: what to look for

A consumer credit comparator must combine several guarantees to justify its honesty:

  • Classify consumer credit offers only on the basis of the APR rate.
  • Propose several alternatives among the major credit agencies.
  • Proof of registration with Asres * as an intermediary in insurance, banking and finance.

To compare, think APR

The APR rate clearly identifies the best loan offers. Designed to seamlessly represent the interest cost of a loan, the APR is the ultimate reference of a real credit comparator. It includes the cost of interest as well as additional costs, such as application fees. Our experience shows that the APR rate is sometimes very different from one credit institution to another. A simple comparison of a 10,000 euros loan makes it easier to see:

Good to know: the APR rate can never exceed a certain level, set quarterly by the Bank of France. This maximum rate is called the rate of wear.

The interest of a credit comparator with immediate response

The interest of a credit comparator with immediate response

Our credit comparator meets the criteria of objectivity, but especially allows to query the best credit agencies immediately. Let’s look at how to get immediate advice:

  • Select the project (any project loan, auto loan, loan work) and the desired amount and repayment term.
  • Complete the credit questionnaire in a few minutes (situation, budget, etc.).
  • The ranking of the best consumer credit rate is displayed. The request is sent to the best organization.
  • If the best specialist refuses, the following two can be queried with one click.
  • Once the application is accepted (positive acceptance rate), the organization in question confirms the request by email within 24 hours. The project is already running.