Learn everything you need about loans between individuals

In this post I will explain in excellent detail, which are the popular loans between individuals as well as the differences that exist even if you have never noticed.

Understand everything you need about loans among individuals in the Spanish nationwide market, since the international these days does not influence us a lot and in the end I will inform you why.



We are not going to roll up much, I am going to go straight to the point, to ensure that everyone is clear about exactly why I am going to tell you the story.

Everyone directly or even indirectly has knowledge of P2P networks, peer to peer, “point-to-point networks in Spanish. inch

These systems are mounted with the purpose of capturing information plus data through the global trade. The purpose of this exchange is going to be obtain a book, a movie, the song, a video, an application, and so forth

The P2P Lending

The P2P Lending

Here all of us go into the matter, P2P financing is the evolution of P2P in the exchange of data files to P2P in the swap of money. The most awake thoughts thought that if it was probable to obtain a specific file simply because they did not obtain money, it really is more to obtain a loan. This is exactly what is called P2P lending within English and if we want this in Spanish, we give P2P or loans through private individuals to personal individuals.



Through my experience in this marketplace I tell you that the look of the definition of loans among individuals in the dictionary associated with Internet financing dates through 2011 when we appeared with the Sean Cole project, it was echoed by informative sites such as Good Finance.

At first there were people who called us cancamuseros, without having asking how we were likely to work and because we had that will label, others on TV known as us possible usurers, other people saw our idea of the same quality and many others got in the vehicle and changed the usury loan jacket from personal capital to loans in between individuals.

There exists a difference when individuals provide money directly or via a society that captures cash and distributes it. The particular loan between private people from parents to kids or between relatives plus friends / acquaintances provides always existed, with its design to be presented in a plantation that justifies this type of procedures, another case is any time a P2P platform appears between there is already another track.

But once we are not going to be egolatras, we are going to move on to the chapter by which we differentiate loans in between individuals.


I repeat which i am not going to talk about international lending P2P platforms, and so forth only those of national range. I emphasize first the particular pioneer Comunitae in theory seems in 2009, then we show up Sean Cole in 2011 plus lendP2P. es.

Nowadays, other P2P mortgage platforms such as zank have got appeared on the market, and I also provide the different crowdfunding / crowdlending platforms that are appearing.


What is the distinction between loans between people? So many platforms and webpages talking about the same topic plus offering the same product, financial loans but with different concepts.

The personal guarantee versus the real guarantee, this is the huge difference of loans between people. Those of personal guarantee, will be the holder of the loan that will covers with his responsibility regarding non-payment, the one of true guarantee, is the guarantee or even guarantee that the borrower offers the person in charge in case of arrears.

The advantages are for the one who asks and his case there are couple of for the one who invests, the particular sales base of this system is the diversification for the trader as a proof of risk, he or she divides it and you will earn as the basis of the company.

In this we should be careful because under this particular label of loans among individuals hide the often famous and feared inch private equity businesses, lenders” as well as other fauna that drag therefore bad fame for years.

In our beginnings Sean Cole goes on the market as being a platform of loans among individuals with mortgage guarantee. This particular initially makes the alarms set off and they put you within the group of usurers / con artists who take advantage of the evil more, but far from reality the objective of Sean Cole is to agglutinate on a website any person along with real intention to obtain success with their money in this type of procedures all within a “ legal” framework audited by all of us and under our obligation.

It is to catch the attention of the basic investor to obtain a precise knowledge of the possibilities of purchasing this type of loans and to give the applicant for this type of funding with a real, accurate plus legal information environment outside of the records and controls set up by the Ministry. of Usage and Finance.

Nowadays, thanks to social networks, it is extremely easy to point out and criticize someone for a bad activity, luckily, users who have attained financing on our platform nowadays are happy with the administration and treatment obtained with 100% grade of fulfillment of our customers.

We know our customers and provide solutions in which we usually do not force situations that will be unsustainable. If there can be no delighted ending, we discard the particular operation. Information and fine detail are the basis of our company.

When to pick one platform or another

Today the question may not be this but who provides you with the loan?. P2P systems with personal guarantee get their own similar analysis section at the banking level. For those who have ABC or any default, neglect (or it should be). The benefits (in theory) would be to get a lower interest, but contending at the time against the bank may become a risk (the financial institution always wins).

Therefore , in the case of choosing among the existing platforms, usability administration and customer service will be the types that determine which system is the most interesting.

Will these platforms be successful?

Will these platforms succeed?

For my component I hope so , but this can be a very strange market with regards to this type of platform. The P2P lending enters strongly within Anglo-Saxon markets and in the particular German market, for example , in the first months it has been really successful, but the Spanish marketplace is very hard. The master Comunitae has been active considering that 2009, and counts amongst its results having borrowed 4 million euros that makes us see how difficult you should obtain good results in this business structure. The national investor spends in banking, preferred, share, real estate but for now it appears that making contributions of € 50 and “ diversify” does not seem to be very fascinating. Another case is crowdfunding for companies and start up, which is gaining strength using amounts higher than those of an easy consumer loan.

I hope this post has been helpful and clarifies the safety measures and risks that are consumed in this type of operations.